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Every June and July sometimes later sometimes earlier one of the greatest natural phenomena in the world, the sardines arrive on the Natal South Coast. Eagerly awaited by Fisherman, Seine Netters, game fish, birds gulls and gannets sharks both human and the fishy kind, sardines sards for short sometimes come close enough to the shoreline that they beach themselves, or are at least close enough to net using simple cast nets. Sometimes they sound, never to be seen, these elusive little fish stay too deep to get to and pass our shore leaving a lot of disappointed people and other predators. More often than not they come close enough for the numerous seine netters that appear from all over South Africa.
Scores of fisherman drive up and down the coast in search of the sards, hoping to get a few sards for the freezer, and the following months bait, but more importantly to catch the a few of the numerous Game fish that follow the sards.
Various methods are used, even though there is an abundance of food easy pickings are still more favourable to the abundant game fish who will prey on disabled looking food like a good looking bait, spoon, plug or lure, live bait, before trying to catch a healthy agile sard. Methods such as Jig and drop where a Treble hook weighted is cast into the shoal of sards and using a jigging action try and foul hook a sard, once hooked the sard is disabled and is easy prey for a game fish. Hundreds of game fish are targeted Couta (King mackeral), garrick (leervis), salmon, shad (elf) tailor(Aussie) to name a few. A lot of fun is had by all, this phenomenon should be seen at least once in your lifetime, whether you are a fisherman or not, bird watching, whale watching the thousands of dolphins.